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Having the right platform for your business is vital to business success, without this, you have nothing to stand on and no one is going to take you seriously. A website is the platform for almost any business in 2020, every business MUST have a website. There is aboslutely nothing to lose by having a website, however, there is a lot at stake if you have a website that is not correctly optimised for it’s purpose. As a result the first thing we do with all of our clients is to ensure that their website is optimised correctly and is fit for the purpose of the business. There are many things to consider when assessing a website and our highly experienced team will be able to guide you through the process and explain what you need to be doing in order to use your website to its full potential.


A website without digital marketing is a bit like running a cafe with the lights off and the shutters down, there’s no awareness of you existing in the marketplace. How are customers going to find you if you don’t tell them about yourself. Once you have a business and a website you need to let people find you online. Being visible online is a probelm that is face by so many buisnesses worldwide and is quickly becoming a major issue in the world of business. We have made it our mission to be there for any business that needs our help to raise awareness online. Our team is highly experienced in Social Media Management, PPC ads, Display ads and SEO services, all geared towards increasing your visibility online and driving quality traffic to your business that will increase your sales.


Once you have you cafe open and customers coming in, you need to understand what is working and what isn’t. This is the moment where you stand behind the counter with a clipboard and analyse what is going on. We have put years of experience into creating our reporting tools and analytical systems which help you see exactly what’s going on in your digital marketing efforts. Our web portal, makes it easy to track ad-spend, ROI and progress through visualised data. This gives you 100% transparency of reported data and gives you 24/7 access to your reports. We also provide a weekly executive report that will keep you up-to-date and our highly experienced team is always on hand to help make sense of the data and uncover hidden opportunities. Our reporting is geared towards increasing transparency and achieveing higher efficiency on markering spend.

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11 April 2020

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